Mike Morhaime, former president and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment, galloped in the gaming industry for many years and is well known in the gaming industry.

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At the GamesBeat Summit in 2020, in the face of media interviews, he seriously talked about his company's largest game "World of Warcraft" and explained the reasons for its success. He said that when Blizzard launched World of Warcraft in 2004, he never thought that the game would be so popular. At the time, he had not realized the power of social elements in the game. When it arrived, it was far beyond Changed all his expectations and changed his view of the company ’s games. My takeaway is that until then, "World of Warcraft" is the most social of all our games, because you have a group of people experience together. Finally, he concluded that determining whether a game is successful depends on whether the game brings players together in a highly social way.

When the media asked why World of Warcraft could become popular in such a short period of time, the answer he gave was that when MMO was first launched, players had to become members of the guild to experience certain content of the game. The reason for such a huge market experience. He said: "I think social experience and the ability to share entertainment with others are the core."

When asked that the style of "World of Warcraft" is not as popular as before, Morhaime speculates that this may be because the design of MMO today gives up important social aspects. He said: "I will not say that future MMO games will not be revived. It may be a problem of game accessibility and time investment, but it is undeniable that there may be other types of games that can pay more attention to social experience. "

He added a supplementary note: "With the development of World of Warcraft, I also observed that its sociality actually weakened, because in order to achieve more accessibility, we have to some extent eliminated the need to be with the same Some of the reasons why the crowd plays together, cut them over and over again. "

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