The new Path of Exile Betrayal League has passed for a long time, and I have to say that this is indeed a difficult journey. After that, many failures and some balance problems will be fixed. Today we will introduce you to all the POE Currency correct operations done initially or by balancing patches.
New Masters and Crafting
The new owner breathed the first breath of fresh air, which made the whole game look completely new. Personally, the best part of Betrayal League is that these masters will remain in the next league, no matter what we lose. The new masters are Alva, Niko, Einhar and Jun. They also kept Zana's original settings. All the masters of the previous alliance have been deleted, and many of them have disappeared.
Elreon, Vagan and Tora are very good, but sometimes their tasks are very annoying, but if you have enough time to improve their level, the return is still very impressive. But some other people feel very bad, you will feel obliged to do them, but usually there is no gain. You can choose to abandon them, just buy handicrafts from people as needed. If you hate Delve, skip Niko. You will miss Delve, but nothing else.
New Crafting
Of course, if you do n’t upgrade the master, you can make recipes by hand in the wild. You can find them organically, you just need to click on them to unlock the recipes. There are also many skills related to the syndicate system introduced by the alliance mechanism. Crafting is very simple now, because you only need to find handmade recipes. When you are missing a recipe, you do n’t need to grind out Tora ’s spins or predictions, or buy from other players. You can find the location of the recipe, grab it and set it.
The crafting station has also undergone some improvements. You do not need to search for items before the POE Trade second time. You only need to change the formula to include the flushing function to complete the copy. If you place an item in it, it will reduce the mod to a mod that can be applied to the item. Sounds great.