World of Warcraft: The Land of Shadows has not yet been officially released. Players are already curious to find a way to break through this version. Players have been exploring the extensions they can touch, but things are not so simple, players will not easily reach Purposeful. The information held by the players is very different from the new World of Warcraft information found by some professional data miners. This may be because the extended version of the Alpha version has few opportunities for players to explore. They are limited to Revendreth A) Medium.

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But nothing can stop the curiosity of the players. Twitch's streaming media Asmongold led the team into the newly expanded content of "World of Warcraft" to confirm this. Asmongold and the explorer cross over to a special bridge in Revendreth, where they find the details of the area that has not yet been announced to the public in the Shadowlands and some trouble areas that some players hate. Unexpectedly, the members of the team died one after another. GM Zorbix appeared and announced "GG". The frightened Asmongold speculated that they were killed by the game master. Of course, his guess proved to be correct later. The expedition with Asmongold and his team was wiped out, and he was very annoyed.

Asmongold claims that the developer is a "coward" and thinks that they did not directly face his group to show themselves. In WOW and other MMORPGs, preventing players from performing certain actions is a thing that development members often do. . If you stand in Blizzard's perspective, because other data (such as new races) have been leaked, Blizzard can only gain more by keeping certain parts of Shadowlands secret. Take a step back and say that if more information is revealed, there will be fewer surprises to attract players.

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Looking back at this failure process, Asmongold and his team never intended to explore the fault area they saw, and lost morale due to a sudden failure when leaving the edge of the map. In fact, mistakes in the game may bring good results the result of.