Whining a gathering RuneScape skill being buyable is bad because jagex made it more complete than just collecting and giving it longer information since it's multiple facets to it? If he -loved- rs 3 gold then he'd be pleased this RuneScape ability came outside as beefed up as it is being basically multiple RuneScape skills in one. Not to mention he had been rank 1 in what. Can you envision a guy being position 1 in summoning complaining a RuneScape skill required gp?

I think the issue for drumgun isn't that it is buyable - it is the RuneScape ability was advertised as a gathering RuneScape ability, so that he wasnt expecting it to be buyable. The RuneScape ability is not balanced for'racing' and as a racer, he's upset, which is kinda fair; particularly if his legacy on RuneScape is competitor and a player for rank 1. Nevertheless, I'd much rather the RuneScape skill be balanced and fun to the other 99 percent of the playerbase.The thing is, Drumgun is one of the wealthy gamers, or at least was when he obtained 99/200M summoning. He did methods back then that were absurdly expensive at the moment. He didn't just cover the secondaries, he was also one of the first to barrage rock lobsters and do the Taverley summoning shop technique. The irony of the discussion post is that he complaining about the very thing that made him to position 1 summoning years back.

I disagree with this. I think that this is coming of maxing out ASAP, from his perspective. As somebody who wishes to get 120 I so far have enjoyed the RuneScape skill immensely. It is quite distinct and I find it to be more fun than almost every other RuneScape skill. There are methods to get satisfaction whether its a finished nerds excursion, seren spirits, completing a set, getting compass bits, getting tomes, completing artifacts, becoming relics, figuring out puzzles. All that compared to gathering RuneScape skills makes this IMO!

This is sad to see as someone who has played as 2004 and used to appear to players like him. I agree with the buyable facet being dreadful and the P2W, but that's why I along with a number of other people switched to ironman style. I had a 3.2b exp main I stopped years ago because I disagreed with P2W, and I'm having more fun now. I'm aware Drumgun won't want to do so because he would never get the proper rank 1 highscores in an ironman, however although the IM highscores are not particularly competitive it is the one highscores that highlights the true grinders with something such as Archaeology.

Support may be obscure or possibly a misnomer, but for the other courses basically that's precisely how RS has always been. There have been battle RuneScape skills which is anything right utilized to combat monsters, gathering which involves collecting some type of end resource, and artisan that entails taking the end resources from collecting and turning them into purposeful and practical products. These class terms may be meaningless to you but surely from a game designer's standpoint I can only assume that they play a significant role to buy runescape gold safe in dictating how RuneScape skills are made and assembled up.