In the trailer, the three story lines of the Mourning Cave, the Diablo Jihad, and the Seven Gods of Machinery are completely connected in series, and many suspense are detonated. Who is the key to control everything in fateful confrontation and fate struggle?

A conspiracy, two worlds, and how the protagonist team will save the four time and space crises will become an important core throughout the animation. Players will also venture together in Xi Lan, but if you want to carry on the adventure smoothly, Dungeon Fighter Online Gold must be indispensable. Hard players are going to be busy again.

Due to the Helder conspiracy, the apostles and adventurers fell into their own vortex of fate. What happened to the fate of the fate? Xi Lan embarked on a journey of time and space in order to change the outcome of the battle of the devil What kind of entanglement with Alice? How will the non-stop adventurous people resolve the four space-time crises, can the wheel of fortune be successfully reversed? Many suspense will be announced soon, and we look forward to it!

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The second season of the official DFO animation will also be officially launched soon. Players and Xi Lan will embark on a time and space journey to relive the past shocks and emotions. Based on the interpretation and extension of the DFO IP world view, with the behind-the-scenes team composed of the top production team and Sino-Japanese first-line seiyuu, to create a truly DFO animation, wonderful not to be missed!