The Delirium League is full of new skills and new unique items, as well as improved quality of life, changes to the POE Currency skill tree and changes to the endgame for skilled players. It also provides a more exciting loot mechanism, and it is still free as before.
There is a mirror in each area of Delirium, which looks more like some floating glass fragments, and the other side of the mirror is your ethereal reflection. When the player activates the rearview mirror, the fog will be emitted along the ground, and will also be accompanied by the arrival of monsters, which will be more difficult to deal with than all the monsters you have encountered before. When you are farther away from the mirror, the monsters that appear will be more powerful and the battle will become more difficult, but you will also receive a more generous reward. However, if you fled here because it was too hot, you may just be committing suicide more quickly.
This is the risk and reward mechanism that will exist in every part of Path of Exile. Players can earn more loot by killing a large number of monsters, and you will become the richest group of people. The premise is that you can survive, otherwise you will be one of the many corpses in Path of Exile.
However, Delirium also has such a disadvantage that it can be added to each time it is encountered. It can be triggered around ambush safes and betrayal encounters, increasing the difficulty and reward of the game. If you want to challenge the limit, you can choose to activate the Delirium effect of the boss. They are not only very powerful, but also have a terrifying effect when attacking, which is unpredictable.
If you want to get a good loot from Delirium, then you will need to build and the skill tree will make a fascinating new change to help. Cluster jewels can expand the player's skill tree and add more passive skills. You can insert cluster jewel at the end of the branch to show passive. They can further develop game characters through 280 new skill trees, which can be said to be very valuable to you.
If you plan to participate in the POE Chaos Orb endgame, then you will need all the advantages, and Delirium will provide you with a way to further shape these maps. This is the detailed introduction of the Delirium Alliance of Path of Exile. Come and join the game.