The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Arizona Cardinals met in the Madden 20 NFL simulation game on Monday afternoon.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers rebounded after simulating two consecutive defeats and lost 39-17 to Chicago last time. Mike Evans and Chris Godwin led the Tampa Bay Robbers offense, responding to the group, Evans led the teammates with a team score of 92 points and scored 90 Catches, 95 traffic catches and 97 excellent catches, while Godwin scored 97 catches with 87 total points. Jameis Winston ranked 78th overall in this year's "Tampa Bay" QB competition. On the defensive end, Lavonte David is Tampa Bay's leading center defender with an overall score of 90. He has 92 chases, 87 blocks, 88 blocks and 89 blocks. Ndamukong Suh topped the list with a total of 86 blocks, while Vita Vea ranked after 85 with a total of 91 blocks. There are losses and wins in the game. Who wants to win? MUT Coins can help you, with the help of superstars, do you still have to worry about losing the game?

The Arizona Cardinals are expected to rebound from the 29-22 defeat to the last Raiders. Larry Fitzgerald led homeruns with 83 and 91 in the Cardinals' offense, while Drake of Kenya accelerated with 91 speeds, 89 acceleration, and 90 agility Sex and 87's carrying rating rank 81 in Arizona's backcourt with a total score of 81. Kyler Murray became the cardinal's starting QB, generally starting at 75 speed, 91 speed, 92 acceleration, 90 agility, and 89 throwing power. On D, Chandler Jones led the Cardinals with a total score of 90 points, including 92 power moves and 86 tackles, while Patrick Peterson scored at 92 At 92 speed, 92 acceleration, 95 agility and 89 people in the guard position scoring.

I don't plan to fall behind either of these two teams now, because both have recently found the reason for losing the game. However, in these simulation games, motivation is not the only factor, because it is an exhibition, and you can only choose simulation, so anything can happen. MUT 20 Coins is a good way to win the game. In the simulation, we can buy superstars, which saves time and allows you to experience more new content.