What is the cause of injection mould damage? Yuhuan Shengjiu Mould Co., Ltd. explained:

(1) If there are metal inserts in the plastic injection products, when the metal inserts are placed when the mould is opened, due to the insecure or skewed placement, the mould cavity will cause local damage, indentation or dents after the mould is closed.
(2) Due to the high pressure and fast flow rate of the injection molten material flow, the metal insert is washed down or changed, causing damage to the mould.
(3) Long-term closing action of the parting joint surface of the mould. Occasionally, impurities are caught in the middle or the sliding part of the template is worn for a long time, which causes the template to run non-parallel, so that the tightness of the mould joint surface after mould clamping deteriorates and is easy to appear Problems such as flashing of moulded products seriously affect product quality. At this time, the mould should be inspected and repaired.

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