When each player starts to play World of Warcraft, he needs to choose a hero character, to know the attributes and characteristics of the hero, etc., so as to obtain more game experience during battle. Here are some introductions to game heroes:

Shaman(Healer, damage output)
The incarnation of the element, the shaman priest is the guide of the soul, they serve not the gods, but each element. Unlike some other religions, the power of shaman priests to communicate with them does not carry a kind heart. These elements are chaotic and disorderly, have their own strategies, and will attack each other under drive. Only the shaman's call can bring balance to Buy POE Items this chaotic situation. As a mediator between the earth, fire, running water, and air, shamans will summon totems, direct elements to aid their allies, or punish those who threaten them. Professional information. During the battle, the shaman can put the totem on the ground while dealing with the enemy, causing damage or controlling the enemy to achieve the maximum combat effect. Shaman priests have enough means of combat, they can fight long-distance, and they can also fight personally, but wise shamans will choose their fighting style according to the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy.

Warlock(Damage output)
The leader of taboo energy, when facing the power of demons, most heroes only saw death. But the warlock saw only opportunities. Their goal is to dominate such powers and find a means in dark magic. These greedy casters summon demon servants to Buy POE Orbs fight alongside them. At first, they controlled only some imps. But after gaining more knowledge, seductive succubi, loyal voidwalkers, and terrifying hellhounds will also join the ranks of the dark wizards, and they will ravage those who are blocking their masters' roads. With professional information, the warlock uses disease and dark magic to weaken the enemy, and then burns them to destruction. Demon pets will protect and strengthen the warlock, and the warlock will attack the enemy from a distance. As a weak caster, the warlock cannot wear heavy armor, but the shrewd ones will let the servants bear the brunt of the enemy's attack in order to ensure their safety.

Druid (tank, healer, damage output)
A wild shape-changer, the druid can harness powerful natural forces to maintain balance and protect life. Experienced druids can drain the natural primordial energy to the enemy, summon the anger of the astral world from a distance to hit them, restrain them with fortified vines, or trap them in a constant whirlwind. Professional information, the druid is a versatile fighter, can perform almost any duties-healing, tanks, damage output. It is important for the druid to choose the form according to the combat situation, because each form is to meet a specific purpose.