They are incredibly similar games with teir lists, distinct end game and QoL that is all, but they're fundamentally the same base game. They're essentially'expansion' content. You can argue their effect on OSRS gold RuneScape is but it's not a different game. You are arguing over semantics and rhetoric, that you feel as though people do not know your argument. Not a single individual is denying osrs = RS2, the point is that they have a spirit and purpose of game style.

Saying OSRS is RS2 is like stating WoW classic is exactly the identical game as WoW. Or saying that FFXIV and A Realm Reborn would be the games. It's not exactly the game. Yes, OSRS is a game. RS2 from 07-10 had Summoning, Dungeoneering, different equipment etc added into it. Saying they're the exact same is misleading. OSRS is based from RS2. The distinction is that RS2 had had almost 10 decades of articles and upgrades by the time that it became RS3. RS2 existed with OSRS and both had a lot of different content.

So could you say that OSRS and RS3 would be the exact same game? Would you classify them as the exact same game? As soon as there are any differences between OSRS and RS2, they are no longer the same game.The differing content make them different. This makes them games. RS2 had all of these things.

Not since OSRS lacks content that RS2 had. And then additional content that was never in RS2. The next individual says"RS2" you think of this age between 2007 and 2012. When you think of OSRS, you have a vast array of different content that is unique to OSRS and was never in RS2.I never said OSRS has articles I really don't like. It's not all about that. It's about it using unique content which RS2 didn't have and lacking articles that RS2 did have. That's what makes them different.

Unusual that I got a telling for your other response, and I will view it on your own profile, but I can not see it on this thread. Just because it's based on it does not mean it is exactly the same. RS2 had nearly 10 decades of upgrades and content added (2004-2013). OSRS relies on a specific version of RS2 that had only 3 decades of upgrades and content added to buy RS3 gold it in the time RS2 released (2004-2007). RS3 did not come out until later OSRS came out. RS2 proved to be a separate thing from OSRS when OSRS came out, thus they weren't exactly the same. Continue being dumb, though good.