"Path to Exile 2" is a brand new seven-act storyline, provided with the original "Path to Exile 1" campaign. "Path to Exile 2" retains all the expanded content created in the past six years, and introduces new skill systems, upgrades, engine improvements, etc.

Twenty years have passed, and since Kitava's death, society has been slowly rebuilding. Ambitious people filled the vacancies, and their desire for power once again destroyed the Army of War.

"Path to Exile 2" is a new set of exile characters. They are the same type as the original game, but these categories are different from the old categories in the Path to Exile 1 event. You can choose from 19 new categories. The popularity of POE Currency in the Path of Exile, I believe that "Path of Exile 2" will continue this feature.

    "Path to Exile 2" is a new score created by indoor composer Kamil Orman Janowski. He is loved by players of "Path to Exile" for his excellent music quality and cute characters. Behind the music-Act One made a behind-the-scenes observation of the upcoming "Path of Exile 2" art. Kamil provided information about his creative process and inspiration.

"Path to Exile 2" continues the skill system of "Path to Exile". The skill system allows players to play to the fullest in every aspect, so as to better experience the fun brought by the game. Buy POE Currency will bring each of your skills to the highest level. For more game details, you can get it at IGGM.

    We have not disclosed the release date of "Path to Exile 2", but we will begin to release the Beta version at least before the end of 2020. At that time, we will continue to expand The Path to Exile within three months. This content will appear in the "Path to Exile 1" and "Path to Exile 2" campaigns.