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World of Warcraft constantly uses game pets that are very similar to Pokémon and regular dungeons to increase the difficulty of the game, mainly to satisfy the player's winning psychology and improve the player's technology and knowledge, while also keeping game players fresh at all times. This improvement will take a lot of time in the World of Warcraft planning team. I look forward to the recently announced Torghast, a new feature of World of Warcraft, which is different from some previous expansions. This feature can be a permanent part of World of Warcraft. Timed dungeons are different from regular dungeons. Regular dungeons require a combination of long-lasting combat tanks, the combination of the therapist and the destroyer. Torghast can act alone or cooperate with five other players of the same level. In addition, Torghast also has the advantage that the dungeon is not limited by the timer. Blizzard said it will not limit the time for players to explore and the intermission, but it will limit the players to idle on the floor.

The previous World of Warcraft layout is neat and conservative, and Torghast is full of chaos and fun, and it is also challenging. For example, if you die too many times, you have to come back again. Torghast can be said to be a relatively mature RPG game. Every time you enter the game, the floor is generated irregularly, and the floor is covered with various monsters. Like other role-playing games, when you climb hard When you arrive at the tower, Torghast will create unusual interactions, which of course may make you unhappy.

Nevertheless, Torghast still retains the traditional roguelike style. Each floor is distributed with enemies with different combat powers and random rewards called Anima Powers. After more than an hour of Torghast, you will usually find 20 to 40 different Anima Power. So many Anima Power can enhance their Spell damage so that they can hit a big boss at once.

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For those who do not understand "World of Warcraft", this expansion seems meaningless, but for senior players and some novice players, the design of this "World of Warcraft" event is very successful.