The container home is a recent housing type that emphasizes aesthetics. In recent years, this type of housing has become increasingly popular and one might think that it will eventually displace conventional housing. Without a doubt, the container home has many assets that allow it to attract so many eyes. What are the advantages of container homes?

They come in many different sizes and excel in many areas that traditional-built houses don’t have. If you are pondering of choosing a Steel Structure Building over a conventional Steel Structure Warehouses , here are the reasons why:

It is a great advantage to be able to design your container home plan with an architect. The home container, is a very simple dwelling in terms of implementation. Implementation can take less than 24 hours. Also, you can consider self-building your container home. One important thing is that the time taken for administrative procedures is as long as the time taken for actual construction.


Amomg the many advatages of container homes there exists the cost criteria. Container homes cost 50-90% less than conventional homes. These are real economical structures for the following reasons :

The average container 300 ft2 costs about $3600 new and about $1600 used.

The container rooms can be built with the standard LEB (Low Energy building), which allows residents to save energy.

The waterproofing of the container allows the inhabitants to benefit from insulation and thus from little heat loss.

Ecological Aspect

Among the many other advantages of container homes, ecological aspect is the greatest asset. Building a container home is the best way to recycle iron containers, which are no longer used and are sometimes abandoned in warehomes. You can be pleased that your construction project will also be frienfly to nature. Containers can significantly reduce the amount of work required in your habitat.

Speed of construction

Container homes are very easy to build and are built with impressive speed. The biggest maneuvering task is the laying of containers; after which the construction work begins. You will have your home in record time. What tends to slow down the flow of activities is administrative procedures. Take good care of them to avoid taking too long and getting tired.


Containers can be stored in different ways according to your choice. They can be arranged side by side, stacked or juxtaposed. The type of configuration you choose must meet a need for space, aesthetics, etc. If your construction plan is well developed, you can build your dream shipping container home very easily in a short period of time.

You can build it on your own or take professional help. In both cases you will need detailed information. In “Build Your Own Shipping Container Home, Step by Step Comprehensive Guide Professional Set” you will find all the information you need, as well as many container home plans, pictures and evetything you need to know.

Easily movable

You want to change the climate while keeping your home. No more worrying about the container home. Easy to move around, all you have to do is call on the movers and your home can move with you.

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