Main uses of MK-677
Ibutamoren is touted as a potential game changer for therapeutic uses such as muscle wasting, hormonal deficiency, and even osteoporosis.

Clinical trials are underway to evaluate the safety profile and pharmacokinetics of compounds.

But it really shines in a performance-enhancing setting. You can get almost any result you can get with exogenous synthetic GH or somatropin.


Lean muscle:
When MK-677 increases the level of GH in the body, then IG1-1 increases, which increases nitrogen retention. In a 60-day clinical trial, Ibutamoren subjects averaged 6.62 pounds. Lean muscle without increasing body fat. I'm worried about the therapeutic dose. Get even more with MK-677 in performance enhancing doses.

Burn fat:
MK-677 increases lipolysis and increases basal metabolic rate even in relatively small amounts. This is why it has become one of the best cures for obesity and fitness buffs, one of the best compounds for fat loss and body restructuring.

Better sleep:
There are many athletes and bodybuilders who purely use MK-677 for better sleep. It has been clinically proven to increase REM sleep by up to 50% in both young and old users. That's not all. There are thousands of anecdotal reviews of Ibutamoren, offering a more restful sleep. If you're suffering from insomnia due to lack of exercise or steroids, Nutrobal may be exactly what you need.

Shining skin:
MK-677 restores IGF-1 and GH levels to the levels of young, healthy adults, which immediately appear on your skin. No studies to back this up, but one of the most frequently advertised benefits It is.

Better hair growth:
Another reason to add MK-677 to the steroid cycle. It also accelerates hair follicle growth and regulates hair follicle biology. If you are experiencing shedding with a strong androgen, the addition of Ibutamoren can significantly heal the damage.


Side effects of Ibutamoren
The messaging board seems to have a conscious effort to downplay the potential side effects of SARMS and other compounds.

Yes, they are always safer than AAS. However, it does not eliminate the side effects.

MK-677 causes side effects. Here are some of them.

Hand and finger tingling: One piece of evidence that your GH levels are rising. Congratulations if your hands feel tingling or numbness. Neutroval is not a sleeper.
Reduced insulin sensitivity: In some individuals, MK-677 causes decreased insulin sensitivity, which in turn may be a precursor to type II diabetes. However, this seems to be individualistic, as numerous clinical studies have not shown the changes in blood glucose levels caused by Ibutamoren.
Water retention: MK-677 is known to increase water retention, especially in the extremities. This temporary edema can also lead to joint pain. Excessive fluid in the body can lead to high blood pressure.
Appetite Enhancement: MK-677 makes you want to eat like a horse. It's a ghrelin-mimicking drug or to mimic the action of the hunger hormone ghrelin. With a half-life of about 5 hours, you will feel hungry for hours after taking MK-677. This makes it very difficult to comply with a low-calorie diet when using MK.
How to use Ibutamoren effectively
In almost all clinical trials, 25 mg / day has proven to be the most effective dose.

After that, the risk to the side where the profit is reduced increases. Therefore, adhere to the 25 mg daily dose for at least 24 weeks.

There's a lot of discussion about the ideal cycle period. Some people use it without problems for a year.

However, it is recommended to use for 6-8 months, then for several months, not only to prevent dependence, but also to avoid chronic pancreatic stress, which is a potential chronic GH elevation.