In "The Shadow Kingdom", Sylvanas Windrunner has torn the curtain between life and death, and the heroes of Azeroth will step into the realm of the dead. They will explore four areas outside of the realm-Ravendes, and will also encounter a covenant governing the kingdom of the dead in the shadow realm. As the story develops, your final destination will be the dark country of Ravendes.

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You are here to send urgent news to the master of Revendes and the ruler of Winsill, the great Denaxius. As the crisis of exhaustion swept across the entire shadow world, the country is also in a civil unrest. The key to your survival here is to be prudent and careful-the residents here hide many secrets, and their eyes and ears are no less than the fangs in their mouths. If you want to convey the news and save the world, you must have a deep understanding of court words and trust your instincts, because Winsell often speaks out, and your new friends may suddenly turn over and become your worst enemy .

Ravendes consists of seven areas, each of which will have a reaper in charge—they are powerful Winsels, who have maintained order here since its creation, and encouraged souls to repent of their sins. Souls who can be reborn will face a choice: return to Olipos to start another post-life journey, or stay in Revends and become a member of Winsil. What about souls who refuse to redeem? They will be exiled to the bite.

The Castle District is the most degenerate residence of WOW Classic Gold For Sale Winsir. They all loyal to Denathius the Great, so this area is dangerous for those who do not want to be with this master. The nobles who lived inside the castle were the oldest Winsell, who had already won a place under the ruler's command and were under the management of the countess, the reaper.

Feared Hunter in the Forest Area The Feared Hunter in the Forest Area is in charge of the Fear Harvester. It is composed of a hunting field where Winsill can draw pride (that is, heart energy) from the prey. The extraction process is simple: give victims a ray of hope and freedom, and then hunt them; it is a strict and humble course.

The first place where the Warriors of Azeroth settled in Revendes was the town of Dark Bay in the village area. Here is under the control of Classic WOW Gold the jealous reaper. There are many dedicated mud servants and Winsier in this tiny village. The residents under the Nasilia Fort cast their envious eyes on the castle. They could only work hard under the torment of the soul waste soil and the dry world, and their exhaustion of heart was eroding it.