The upcoming Path Of Exile 2 excites players and friends. With the successive release of Diablo 4 and Path of Exile 2, the MMOAH action RPG game has slowly awakened. These two games are simply the gospel of ARPG fans, especially the release of Path Of Exile 2, which makes players and friends both excited and confused. Will the skill tree be redone? Are skills and skill gems changing? What is a new course? It is undeniable that Path Of Exile 2 is a huge update compared to the first game, adding a lot of new content. Here are its 5 huge changes:
A New Story
Path of Exile 2 occurred 20 years after the original incident. After the player kills Kitava, the decaying god, the land of Orias is saved, and the player will continue to fight in the map and the procedural dungeon with modifiers. Path Of Exile 2 adds 7 new stories with more terrifying enemies and small sets. Players can go and see how Grinding Gear Games shows the results of chapters 6-10 in the sequel, which is very interesting.
New Environments
If the players are fighting in the same area, the sequel will soon become boring. Dim caves and inspired swamps helped to change fairly ordinary cities and coasts from the first game. These new environments are accompanied by new enemies. When the player's blood is scattered on the ground, it will anger the nearby enemies, and then the game will become more exciting.
New Weapon Types
Although many new weapons have not been shown yet, the spear has been confirmed to be used in Path Of Exile 2. This weapon has been expected by the community for many years, and it also shows that developers are willing to listen to the opinions and feedback of fans. If the spear does n’t sound so interesting, then some passive skills in the new advantage course allow players to use bows and arrows as a melee weapon, thus opening a mixed melee and long-range game style. Only these two additions will add dramatic build diversity and replay value to the game. Compared to Path Of Exile, Path Of Exile 2 is more attractive.
Combat Improvements
Over the years, the battle has been improved a lot through numerous updates, but Path Of Exile 2 will make more changes to make the battle more influential. Arrows will stick to Buy POE Orbs the surface when hit, enemies will retreat when hit, and the visual effect has been greatly improved. The animation has also undergone some changes, making the movement between skill uses more fluid. It also looks significantly less stiff and smoother.