Torghast was announced by Blizzard at the 2019 BlizzCon conference, and as one of the Buy WOW Classic Gold new endgame features of World of Warcraft, it is now being tested in Shadowlands alpha.
According to Blizzard, Torghast was inspired by roguelikes, such as Hades and Dead Cells. Each failed run will provide you with knowledge and skills to help you try again. It is not the same as the traditional World of Warcraft dungeon. Torghast has a fixed level and can generate enemy items according to the program. The floor is very simple at first, but it will become more and more interesting in the back, and it will evolve into a beautiful wing with traps, locked doors and puzzles.
The skills acquired through Torghast are more than your usual skills. When you climb the tower, you will find Anima Powers. Of course, these functions only work during your current running process in Torghast, and change your way of playing. Players can obtain new Anima Powers through search and purchase, which can not only increase your movement speed, but also enhance statistics. You can use different types of Anima Powers, and each class has its own unique options.
Players can find out the Anima Powers hidden in the level by completing reward missions, and you can also view the complete list on WoWHead.
Unlike other endgames in World of Warcraft, Torghast has no timing function. Once you have died several times, a boss Tarragurue that is too powerful to kill will chase you down and kill you along the way. If you can reach the end of the current floor before Tarragrue, you can jump to the next floor and you will get a very generous reward.
Torghast is one of the Classic WOW Gold important parts of Shadowlands Endgame and you can use it after reaching the highest level. Kubit also told Towelliee that Torghast will remain a key feature of Shadowlands and new features will always be added.