China bed elevator supplier Introduce the selection of wire and cable model and specifications (conductor cross-section) when selecting wire and cable.

⒈ Selection of wire and cable models

When selecting wire and cable, consider the use, laying conditions and safety; for example, according to different uses, you can choose power cables, overhead insulated cables, control cables, etc .; according to different laying conditions, you can choose general plastic insulated cables, steel tape Armored cable, steel wire armored cable, anti-corrosion cable, etc .; according to safety requirements, non-extendable cable, flame retardant cable, halogen-free flame retardant cable, fire-resistant cable, etc. can be selected.

⒉ Selection of wire and cable specifications

When determining the specification of wire and cable (conductor cross-section), the selection conditions such as heat generation, voltage loss, economic current density, and mechanical strength should be generally considered. According to experience, the low-voltage power line has a large load current, so it is generally selected according to the heating conditions, and then the voltage loss and mechanical strength are checked; the low-voltage lighting line has a higher voltage level, and the voltage loss can be adjusted according to the allowable voltage loss condition. Select the cross-section, and then check the heating conditions and mechanical strength; for high-voltage lines, first select the cross-section according to the economic current density, and then check the heating conditions and allowable voltage losses; and the high-voltage overhead lines should also check the mechanical strength. If the user has no experience, the relevant professional unit or person should be consulted.

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