World of Warcraft is an all time favorite MMO still stealing sleeps of many enthusiasts. the game has made a legendary reputation for itself and has not let it tarnish even after a long dry spell of almost 15 years.

Before we understand how to play the game, we should know how to optimize the game to better understand the game. Exile range: refers to a new area being added for a new role. The character level has been reduced to a new level cap of 60. The player reaches level 10 from the exile zone and then advances to level 60, which is a new process in the character upgrade process.

World of Warcraft classic meaning
In 2006, Blizzard launched the Warcaft Classic world. At that time, this game was the latest and there was no expansion pack. From a cultural perspective, the 2006 Warcaft Classic world is the core version, which is slower and more attractive. It's free, so players don't need to pay for it anymore.

After the player downloads and installs, you need to open the game, and then you need to create the WOW Classic Gold first game character that belongs to you. These roles are:Warriors
Demon Hunters
Death Knights
Each of these roles is unique because of its unique skills. Although each character is very good, the player cannot choose at will when choosing the character, but needs to choose the character according to what he wants. Because you must insist on using him for the remaining term.

here is also a setting button on the relevant page, when you click to enter with the WOW Classic Gold mouse, you can find information related to each character. As long as you complete the character building part, the game should be ready to go.

Finally, this game is very attractive. I hope more new players will join us, and I hope Blizzard will make it better and better.