As we all know, in addition to formaldehyde pollution, Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet also has other chemical pollution. Of course, for some washing machine cabinets, there may be harmful substances such as benzene and radon. In addition to the panel, there are even cabinet boards and adhesives that need to be processed to ensure that the content of harmful substances does not exceed the standard.

Below, about how to choose a good washing machine cabinet, Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet manufacturer teaches you a good way!

1. Let's look at workmanship first. Careful rough unions can cause harm to the human body. Materials and poorly-made washing machine cabinets may have burrs, sharp corners, quick openings, etc. in the details. These unreasonable parts can easily cause physical injury. Therefore, when choosing a washing machine cabinet, it is necessary to see whether the closing treatment for the cabinet seal is reasonable.

2. From the environmental protection of materials. Aluminum is better than stainless steel, because the boiling point of aluminum is relatively low, only 200 degrees, and stainless steel is more than 1000 degrees, which is not conducive to the recycling of materials. From the perspective of the materials of washing machine cabinets currently on the market, the commonly used countertops are still quartz stone, artificial stone, marble, etc., because their firmness and wear resistance are still unmatched by other materials, and their service life is also superior to other materials. Sex.

3. Energy-saving design should be applied to environmentally friendly washing machine cabinets.
The selection of washbasins directly affects the amount of tap water used. A single large basin is more water-efficient than the currently popular double basin. Because the large washbasin needs to store more water, the double washbasin can be dipped and washed separately, so it can use water more reasonably.

4. Humanity design should highlight safety. The washing machine cabinet is a place where water and electricity are assembled. If these two things are used improperly, they will affect the indoor environment and even endanger personal safety. The overflow in the washbasin should be set reasonably, electrical appliances, wires and plugs should avoid leakage, etc. These are all matters that need to be paid attention to when buying and installing washing machine cabinets.

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