The     Internal Gear Pumps    is extremely flexible. Although they are usually used for thin liquids (such as solvents and fuel oil), they are good at efficiently pumping thick liquids such as asphalt, chocolate, and binders. The useful viscosity range of internal gear pumps is 1cPs to more than 1,000,000cP.

Only two moving parts
Only one stuffing box
Pulseless discharge
Very suitable for high viscosity liquids
Constant and uniform discharge regardless of pressure conditions
Can run normally in either direction
Can be operated in one flow direction in any direction of rotation
Low NPSH requirements
Single-end adjustable gap
Easy to maintain
Flexible design provides application customization


Zhejiang Yongling Hydraulic Machine Co , Ltd . is a professional China manufacturer and supplier of internal gear pumps. Our YLH series internal gear products have the advantages of high working pressure, high volumetric efficiency, low pressure pulsation, low noise, wide speed range, and strong anti-pollution ability. Our products are widely used in cutting, plastics, forging, engineering, leather, pressure, metallurgy, agriculture, transportation machinery and machine tools, hydraulic stations, automatic production lines and other fields. Welcome to consult and purchase: