When Instagram launched itself, it is mainly meant for private use only. However, as it gained popularity over the years, it has been used by various brands for promoting their products and services. Famous brands not only add Instagram posts but also upload stories to promote their business. 

Why Instagram Stories are good for Marketing?

Well-known brands have a large following, and to increase their following furthermore, they buy Instagram followers. So, when they put up a Story on Instagram, they are viewed thousands of people who are following them. Searching content on Instagram is easy and hence, looking for Stories of a particular brand has also become very easy for the users.

Popular Brands Using Instagram Stories

Some popular brands use Instagram Stories with attractive content to attract the audience on Instagram. Since these stories are available only for 24 hours, they are a perfect way of attracting the attention of Instagram users. 

Instagram Stories for Shopping: Marshalls=

Marshalls, a well-known retails brand, uses Instagram to attract Instagram followers by putting up unique products offered by the brand. However, this got them only a limited response. 

To help they get more attention and reviews on their products, they created an Instagram Story with slides for the followers to post pictures of their favourite product. For this, they created a Hashtags for them to use. 

Promotion of New Game: PlayStation

Instagram Story is the best mode to promote any new product, and PlayStation did exactly that. They used the Instagram Story to promote their new game, The Last Guardians. The company used snapshots of the game to excite the Instagram followers. 

For gaming companies, Instagram Stories are the best way to release their new games or videos. It generates awareness among the users as these trailers may not be otherwise available on the company’s official website.

Behind the Scenes: Quest Nutrition

Quest Nutrition is a leading brand in nutrition supplements. The company used Instagram Stories to give a behind the scenes of an event held by the brand. This way, they were able to promote their event and the brand at the same time. 

Redirect the Users to Brand’s Video: Red Bull

Red Bull is quite active on Instagram. The company has used videos on Instagram Stories and enabled its users to click on the link of the video that would redirect them to their website. This helps in promoting the company’s website. 

Reaching a Wider Audience: Taco Bell

Taco Bell was one of the initial Instagram users to promote their brand. In one of the Instagram Stories, the company shared various menus from across the world offered by the brand. They also encouraged their users and followers to try their menus by providing a link to their website. 

Apart from using the right strategy for promoting their products, many famous companies or brands buy Instagram likes. Buying Instagram likes are very helpful in increasing their brand’s following and getting the popularity that they are seeking for as part of the marketing strategy.

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