World of Warcraft isn't coming to PS5, but you still might be able to play it with a DualSense one day
Recently, it was reported that the WOW Classic Gold Shadowlands expansion will provide controller support for World of Warcraft, and subsequently, it was also confirmed by Blizzard. There are also rumors that Blizzard's work team is developing popular MMORPG console ports for their PS4 and PS5.

The news follows datamined game code (via Martin Benjamins) which referenced game pad bindings for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and PlayStation 5, suggesting World of Warcraft would be launching on the platforms in the near future. However, the Blizzard Community Manager later clarified on the World of Warcraft Forum that the code instead reflected the studio's ongoing trials of Shadowlands controller support.

A long time ago, we often saw a large number of Cheap WOW Classic Gold players turn to third-party plug-ins, but now this situation is rare. Players have always wanted World of Warcraft to be more accessible. Therefore, the Shadowlands have added key bindings, camera support, and enable characters on controllers such as the Xbox adaptive controller.

For a long time, we have been using the mouse and keyboard for missions and raids. Although this is very inconvenient, it can give players a better gaming experience. Therefore, in the foreseeable future we are unlikely to play games similar to World of Warcraft on any device other than a PC.

And while Blizzard seems to be ruling out a console port for now, the release of both Diablo 3 and Overwatch on PS4 and Xbox One certainly leaves a precedent for the studio's future portfolio making a home for themselves on Sony and Microsoft's platforms.

This year, we have observed all the new games. Although basically not using the game console interface, I hope Blizzard can make World of Warcraft better and better on the PC side, and develop World of Warcraft on the PC as soon as possible. On other devices, so that players can enjoy the game anytime, anywhere.