It is strange to think of it this way today, but cheap wow gold classic not all of games had flight paths. Immersion to the world required a lot of walking. Back in the day when World of Warcraft was fresh, the addition of the flight paths was a novelty.Even then, there were critics that said flight paths could ruin the match, an echo of the ruckus when players got their own flying mounts later expansions. The original flight paths were designed to be fun to check at along with getting your'toon to a specific destination.

You can get the flight plan for Menethil Harbor fairly early in the game and Darkshire is walking distance in Stormwind, so even lower level players may enjoy this one.

The first half of this is the coastline of the Eastern Kingdoms, and it is an area that players just see via the flight path. The route leads through the Hillsbrad Foothills, so not only do you get a peaceful look with a place that frequently in the middle of battle, but you can observe from a safe distance if there's a skirmish going on.

A study in jungles and deserts, this really is a flight path that is neutral which any character can see no matter faction. This part of the southern Barrens is far nicer from the air, particularly if you're Alliance and also you do not have any flight paths within this zone aside from Ratchet.

Monnglade is one of these more quiet zones that doesn't get enough love. Most of the players that visit are Druids or Night Elves, with visitors from other races and classes being fairly rare especially at lower levels. This route starts from the impartial flight master only external Timbermaw Hold and goes to the eastern coast of Desolace.Nijel's Point, the Alliance flight route, is in the northern part of the zone. Players fly to Shadowprey Village in the southern part. There are some impressive mountains on this particular route, which goes through Felwood and the Stonetalon Mountains, and the white and grey tones to buy wow gold of Desolace actually look artistic from the air.