Practice Free Standing Boxing Bags skills:

1. In boxing training, you should hit the hard stuffed sandbags. The best sandbags for boxing training are usually filled very hard and are made of leather. The more stuffed the sandbags are, the better the stability is, and the boxing can be played continuously.

2. When training sandbags, stand firm and move around. After each group of combined punches, the jab moves to the left or right, dodges from one side to the other, and then counterattacks. From the fourth round, the right straight punch and the left hook hit the punching bag, just like the opponent. When the bell rang, he punched heavily to end the round.

3. Sandbag practice should follow the air strike practice. Start with basic boxing and gradually increase your strength.

4. You must imagine that a fierce enemy standing in front of you is pushing you step by step. You must go all out to prevent, counterattack, and hit hard! The sandbags are imagined as a person, slamming east and west, leading up and down, shaking left and right, defensive counterattack, dodge counterattack, imaginatively hitting the sandbag, you will feel the benefits of this exercise in actual combat.

5. Coordination and relaxation can make you faster, more powerful, and more energetic, playing a group of three minutes, immediately relaxing the shoulder joints, arms, kicking and guarding a group, and also doing some massage actions.

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