Manila is one of the well-known cities of Philippines. It has almost all kinds of organizations, information technology, manufacturing, development, trading, food chains and Agro based Organization. It’s is largely growing in each and every field and sector due to huge demand for products, goods and services thanks to the every growing population of this city.  A lot of companies are starting up as well.

Companies which deal with a product like manufacturer a product or are involved in trading of product needs recognition for their particular product.  One cannot sell or trade a product overseas without a brand value for that particular product.  Here comes the CE mark Certification. When a product has a CE mark printed in it then it will not require and additional marketing for its quality and effectiveness.

What is Ce mark Certification in Philippines?

CE mark is a product Certification unlike ISO certification which is process based.  It has 3 stages depending on the critical of the product and its use.  It greatly helps for trading the product in domestic and international market specifically for European market if an organization needs to supply his products to a company anywhere in Europe then it a mandatory requirement to take up CE Mark Certification


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Advantages of CE mark Certification

Ce mark Certification increase product brand value

Makes easy for getting the products to your Customers

Benefit in trading your product anywhere all over the world.

Makes it easy to get the European organization who look for effectiveness of the product.

Less time expenditure in marketing since the mark itself is a brand value.

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