Most fire emergency lights use dry lead-acid batteries.

Lead-acid battery (VRLA) is a storage battery whose electrodes are mainly made of lead and its oxides, and the electrolysis solution is sulfuric acid solution. In the discharged state of the lead-acid battery, the main component of the positive electrode is lead dioxide, and the main component of the negative electrode is lead; in the charged state, the main components of the positive and negative electrodes are lead sulfate.

Charging is to connect an external DC power source to the battery for charging, so that the electrical energy is converted into chemical energy and stored. The degree of discharge is the discharge of electrical energy from the battery to drive external devices.

Q When the VRLA battery will reach its peak, the charging current is only used to decompose the water in the electrolyte. At this time, the positive electrode of the battery generates oxygen and the negative electrode generates hydrogen. The gas will overflow from the battery and cause the electrolyte to decrease. add water.

On the other hand, at the end of charging or under overcharging conditions, the charging energy is used to decompose water. The oxygen produced by the positive electrode reacts with the sponge-like lead of the negative electrode, leaving a part of the negative electrode in an unfilled state and suppressing the generation of negative electrode hydrogen.

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