Hydraulic Vane Pumps    can be used in many different positive displacement applications. They can handle thin and low viscosity liquids such as water and gasoline. They are not suitable for high-viscosity fluids because higher viscosities prevent the blades from moving freely in the groove.

Because they can handle a variety of viscosities, vane pumps are often widely used in gas stations, fuel transportation vehicles, solvents, alcohol, and even soft drinks and syrups.

Vane pumps come in many different configurations and can handle fluids with a wide temperature and pressure range. Because vane pumps are commonly used to pump clean hydrocarbons including gasoline and light oil, vane pumps are usually made of ductile iron casings and metal rotors. The blade is usually made of carbon, which has good lubricity to keep the blade sliding in the groove and cling to the inner surface of the shell.

The type of fluid being processed plays a large role in whether the pump is suitable for a particular application. High viscosity or thicker fluids will obviously reduce the speed of the pump, so the vane pump may not be the best choice. In some cases, vane pumps are a good substitute for gear pumps and can pump relatively low viscosity motor oil.

The vane pump usually works in the following range:

Flow range from 20 to 9500 lpm
Total head (pressure) range is 1 to 14 Bar
Horsepower between 1 and 300 hp


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