The beauty of Handmade Jewellery is the fact that it's different from regular jewelry and stands out in a unique way. However, you need to be able to wear it right, wear it well and pair it with other fashion accessories as the need arises.

It's no ordinary piece of art, so you will always have to be creative about it. But then, don't be bothered by the seemingly hard and fast rules of wearing jewelry. Focus on looking your unique best and just in case you're short of ideas, the following is a list of creative ways to rock your handmade jewelry.

Do you love beaded bracelets?
Are you a headband kind of person?
Do you believe in highlighting the contours of your neck with beaded necklaces?
If yes, go for it all, and if your options are not included here, find your options and own them
Handmade BraceletsMetal Wire Knitting Bracelet with Flower
Headband Black And Black DiamondHeadband Black and Black Diamond
Handmade NecklaceBeaded Bib Necklace

Gone are the days when conventional jewelry was mostly gold or silver, with few options in between. Now you can play with colors, materials and deigns to express your jewelry taste. You know who you are and the kind of jewelry that complements you. So, wear you and do it proudly with handmade jewelry.

Every Handmade jewelry has a story to tell and you can create or relive a story with it, every day. From cute flower Handmade Earrings that remind you of the day you met the love of your life to beaded necklaces that remind you of the last time you went on a holiday, you can tell your story in creative ways with these accessories. Beyond styling, these accessories can be great conversation starters when you need them to be.
Handmade EarringsCactus Earrings
Handmade NecklaceEthnic Fringed Necklace

Asides the fact that long necklaces can make you appear slimmer and taller, there are many reasons to love long jewelry pieces. They are usually exquisitely beautiful and will make you stand out anywhere and anytime. You can switch up your outfit and you look better by opting for a long chandelier earring or drape necklace. You can always go minimal with every other jewelry once you have a long handmade piece on you already. Check out the following pieces…
Handmade BroochesBead Embroidery Ladybird Beetle Brooch
Handmade NecklaceEthnic Cascade Necklace
Handmade EarringsBeadweaving Hoop Earrings

Even if you love regular jewelry, there are days that you need something out of the ordinary to be able to make a statement and step out in style. Because handmade jewelry is unique and usually exceptional, you can trust it to put you in the limelight on your special days. If you need to create your own trend, attend a festival, ceremony or go for that holiday you've spent all year planning, then you should have jewelry that's just right for the occasion.
Handmade EarringsHand Woven Chandelier Earrings
Handmade NecklaceCascade Crystal Drape Necklace
Handmade BraceletsStretch Gemstone Bracelet with Beaded Tassel

Whatever handmade jewelry you choose to wear, stay true to your inner desires and sense of style irrespective of the trends because in reality, handmade jewelry is classic. Enjoy yours today and everyday.