The function of the Lotion Pump  is very similar to the suction device. Although the law of gravity is opposite, the suction device still pulls the product from the bottle to the consumer's hand. When the user presses the actuator down, the piston moves to compress the spring, and the upward air pressure pulls the ball, along with the product interior, up into the dip tube, and then into the chamber. When the user releases the actuator, the spring returns the piston and actuator to their raised position, the ball returns to its rest position, seals the chamber and prevents liquid product from flowing back into the bottle. This initial cycle is called "startup". When the user presses the actuator again, the product already in the chamber will be drawn out of the chamber through the rod and the actuator, then dispensed from the pump, and spilled onto the consumer's hand. If the pump has a larger chamber (common to high-output pumps), additional priming may be required before dispensing product through the actuator.

The output of the plastic Lotion Pump is usually in units of cc (or ml). Usually in the range of 0.5 to 4 cc, some larger pumps have larger chambers and longer piston / spring assemblies, with outputs up to 8cc. Many manufacturers provide multiple output options for each emulsion pump product, so that product sellers can fully control the dosage.


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