To get a clearer picture of the MT 2K20 eLeague as a whole, I sat down with NBA VP of International Partnerships Matt Holt and 2K's SVP of Basketball Operations Jason Argent, among those people involved with the job. According to our conversation, there are still many details to be ironed out, such as if you'll have the ability to watch those games on ESPN, Twitch, Youtube or elsewhere. However, with the competition not scheduled to start before early next year, we will find their supply plan out soon enough, as well as which specific NBA teams are going to be a part of the year.

However Len was attracted to Kaii. He was gifted, winning the Brooklyn Nets' offseason championship for a point guard then playing with his combine games in a very different position. But Kaii had a massive character, something which both Len -- a former player himself who qualified for but did not get drafted throughout the second season draft -- and TURNUP had experienced firsthand. Len and TURNUP both considered him the very best available player, and also the second player behind him on their board, Sten"SAV" Valge-Saar, had a similar reputation. In the, TURNUP, Stanz and Len made their choice. They'd take Kaii at No. 5.

In accordance with the NBA, all its 30 teams will eventually have its eSports squad, just as they're represented in the WNBA or the lower-tier D-League. At launch, however, just eight to 12 NBA teams will take part. Every 2K eLeague team is going to be made up of five human players, which the NBA plans to treat the same way it does athletes that perform for the San Antonio Spurs, New York Knicks or any of its other NBA, WNBA or D-League clubs. There'll be endorsement deals and contracts at stake, for instance. The main difference here is that there's room for diversity, since these players could be of any age, gender or race to play the exact same court -- even if it's a virtual one.

Popular video game NBA 2K introduced its first player that is not an NBA athlete. In so doing, a landmark was scored by it for inclusion. A teenager was chose by the company from Georgia, who came to their attention through Make a Wish Foundation. 15, william Floyd, has a hereditary disorder that causes heart issues and muscle weakness. He can't play basketball himself but loves to play through NBA 2K. His desire was to visit the NBA 2K headquarters to buy mt in Novato, Calif.. While he was there, the engineers surprised him with his own body scanned for cartoon and inclusion.