Many companies are using the ISO 14001 certification in Saudi Arabia standards to create there environmental management system. The EMS will certified through a certification body audit .the certification will come after completion of enter 14001 standards implementation.

What is certification and what are the requirements of certification

After implementing the EMS the other step is certification body that send to auditors to review your process and that processes meet the requirements of the ISO 14001 Consultant Services in Saudi Arabia standard. After they conformation of your company’s that EMS meets the requirements, they will issue a certification.

There are 3 key points for your successful ISO 14001 certification process.

Selecting the certification body: With the importance that the certification auditors will have in evaluate your EMS, selecting the right certification body can define the difference between having knowledgeable auditors in your industry. It is important to look at the other companies that are certified by this certification body; this list should be willingly available. The best auditors can help  to find issues and they make improvements that will make your improve of EMS and increases the standards of your company. The certification body calls some requirements before they start inspection of your management system. And You have to use the EMS process for a periodic length of time in order to collect the records . During this time period you have to perform the full set of internal inspection and at least one management review. After finding the right certification body, the employees can give the traning to you and what is needed during this process so that the certification inspectin can be successful. the certification body can guide you on what is expectation on the outputs of the internal audit and management review. but they are not consult how to implement, but they give you helpful tips for implimentation that will increases your organisation.

Phase 1certification audit:

During this documentation audit the certification auditors will open all of the documentation taht you have created. In this period you can check  your documentation ether that can meets the requirements of ISO 14001 Services in Saudi Arabia and they  issue a report at the end of this audit which will identify any compliance  in the documentation such as inconsistencies between documents which could be problematic, missing required documents or records, and other words where the documentation does not meet the requirements of ISO 14001.

Phase 2certification audit:

The certification auditors will audit the all of your EMS processes. This activities that are actually caused in your company will  meet the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard, and this requirements are defined within your management system This inspect activity will look at every process and determine for the planned arrangements that can be used for the process, For doing this they will interview employees and observe activities and criticism records and documentation to collect  data. Once the auditors have confirmed that everything and they planned for meeting ISO 14001 and there is any mistkes that they identify have had corrective action taken and they will issue a certification stating that your EMS meets the requirements of ISO 14001 Consulting Services in Saudi Arabia

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