What is ISO 27001 Certification?

ISO 27001 is a well-known international information security standard. ISO 27001 certification services in pune is used for business needs to manage information security risk in practical way and which defines a framework for maintenance, implementation, improvement of information security.

Why do we need it?

Security Assessment is primary a gap analysis and security risk management is very important for any industry. Security assessment is performed to identify the current security of an information system or an industry. this is used to doing improvement in information which allow the industry to reach a security goal.

Information security is a big problem. Risk-based approaches are important for modern information security effectiveness. to get ISO 27001 certification in pune  is a very good idea to your organization.

What is gap analysis and risk management?

ISO 27001 gap analysis is very helpful to your business because of it provides a high level overview of what your business needs to do to get certification. Risk assessment is perhaps the most complex part of ISO 27001 implementation in Qatar but at the same time risk assessment is the most important step at the beginning of your information security project – it sets the foundations for information security in your industries.

Applicability of ISO 27001 across industries:

IT companies:

Some of those that implement ISO 27001 Certification in Mumbai software development industries, cloud companies, IT companies. Most commonly, they do it   because they want to achieve new customers by improving continuous improvement with help of ISO 27001 Consultant in pune. they are able to safeguard their data in the good possible way. IT companies using ISO 27001 Certification services in Qatar to comply with Contractual security requirements from their main clients. fast-growing companies also use ISO 27001 as way to resolve problems in their operations.


Telecommunication companies, including Internet providers, are very keep on protecting the huge amount of data they handle and reducing the number of outages, so regularly they look toward ISO 27001 as a framework that helps them do that. Further, related to the financial industry, there are a growing number regulations for telecoms and laws, where ISO 27001 is very useful for compliance.      

Financial industry:

Insurance companies, banks, brokerage houses and other financial industries commonly go for ISO 27001 Certification in Dubai when they want to comply with different laws and regulations. Data secure act is the strictest for the financial industry, and luckily, the lawmakers have based their act mostly on ISO 27001. This means that ISO 27001 is a perfect methodology to get compliance, which makes it very easy to present such a project to the executives.

 Government agencies:

Government employees handle very sensitive data – in some agencies this information is confidential, but in all agencies protecting the integrity and availability of their information. ISO 27001 is very helpful for government agencies.

 Our advice, go for it?

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