Fracture of the syringe mould: due to improper temperature control, the forged mould material has cracked itself. In this case, only the template must be changed. In the production of cracked or even broken moulds, disposable syringe moulds are often caused by the heat treatment of selected materials with too high hardness and excessive stress. Cracking is easy to occur during welding. In severe cases, cracking is especially easy to occur when welding Cr12 hard materials. The template has too much stress, and most of the impact cracks are at the sharp corners of the cavity. If it can still be used, it can be perforated and cut in I-shape, or it can be hugged around the template.

Wear of syringe moulds: Especially the wear of thermoset plastic moulds and aluminum alloy injection moulds is severe. The hardness of the position of the movable parts in the injection mould is not enough, there are sharp angles, and improper selection of materials is also the cause of wear. For highly corrosive products and plastics with considerable hardness and fillers, the surface of the materials we choose should be resistant to corrosion and the surface hardness should be high.

Poor heat dissipation of the syringe mould: The heat dissipation of the long core mould is very important. Selecting appropriate materials has a large gap between the appearance of the product and the output of the product. If beryllium copper and other materials containing beryllium and cobalt are selected, after heat treatment, it will have higher strength, hardness, fatigue resistance, wear resistance and good heat transfer.

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