ISO 22000 Consultant Services in Saudi Arabia is having a clear project plan in place at the beginning of your SQF or FSSC 22000 or ISO 22000 project will help you can meet that goals with efficiently and keep the project on track for a successful completion.

A good project plan will include

  • Your overall goal
  • Tasks to be completed
  • Responsibilities
  • Timeline
  • Training plan

We recommend that by using the results of your Gap Analysis to prepare your plan.  Let’s look at the each section in more detail.

Tasks to be Completed

ISO 22000 in Saudi Arabia says that every company is at a different stage in their food safety management.  Your task list will be the same or unique, and depend on what your current practices are.  Develop a task list for the required process by doing an gap analysis.


ISO 22000 Services in Saudi Arabia has a good way to organize and assign responsibilities was to process.  Assign a small team to do work on the given each process.  The team will be responsible for the making of any changes to bring the process into an compliance, based on the gap analysis and task the list.  Once completed, they will develop the procedure for any other required documentation.


ISO 22000 Certification in Saudi Arabia once you have developed the task lists and the teams identified by layout the timeline.  Not all the teams have to be start at one time; some key people may be on multiple teams.  Determine how long a each team will have to work on the depending upon task list.  Spread the teams out over the time line.  See more detail and examples in our Free SQF or FSSC 22000 Qucik Start Guide.  There is also a clear project plan and the template is included in our Templates Packages.

Training Requirements and Plan

What knowledge has been involved in the project need? Identify what the training people need to accomplish their assigned tasks.

Project Manager or SQF Practitioner

 ISO 22000 Complete Training Package. That equip your leader with the knowledge of given tools  need to lead a successful project. Includes an training on the requirements, implementation guidance, templates and checklists

HACCP or Food Safety Team

Introductuib to ISO 22000 and SQF Food Safety Fundamentals

Internal Audit Team

SQF or ISO 22000 Internal Auditor Training


GMP Training

  • The process is documented and it will meets the requirements
  • The process is documented but it needs modifications to become compliant with the standard requirements.
  • The process meets an requirements but it must be documented
  • The process doesn’t meet requirements and must be documented.

Our advice, go for it

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Our advice, Go for it
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