Infield explosion-proof emergency lights are used in many environments, which can improve the safety of the place and become a guarantee of fire safety. Generally, when some dangerous gas leaks occur, the emergency lights will always flash to remind the surrounding people to do well. Corresponding preparation work, and more power saving compared to ordinary lamps, the service life is more than 10,000 hours, so it will be helpful in spaces with high security environment requirements.

 You can also use an external switch to manage the explosion-proof emergency lights in the field, which can not only play a certain control role, but also allow more space for heat dissipation. It can also be temporarily started in the event of an unexpected power outage in some industrial and mining environments. The protection function ensures sufficient safety, so the quality of the riot emergency light is very important, and it is critical to still be able to be used normally in harsh environments.

There is also a need for sufficient safety during installation. The fixed position and method must be confirmed many times. Because of the use of new spraying technology, the application and explosion-proof emergency lights in the field are widely used, such as no discoloration. Either it is rusty or can be used outdoors for a long time when it is sprayed with water or rain. In addition, the size of the infield emergency light is small, the weight is not very large, and the installation methods are relatively diverse. The operation is also very simple and convenient. The specific installation position and installation method are also very critical. Prepare the corresponding tools for installation. The efficiency is many times as usual, and there are many precautions when using it to make the emergency function of the lamp more perfect. For example, it is also important when disassembling. When replacing the bulb, we must consider the matching and quality.


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