Do you think that if you find a good Internet marketer or assemble a digital team of smart specialists, they will give you a cool result? Or, if you learn by what metrics to control the effectiveness of their work, stop losing money? Only in part.

You can’t just take a marketer, say: “I want more applications and sales” and transfer responsibility for the result to him. Digital marketing will not work until you yourself understand:

what goals the company will help you close digital marketing;
what result do you want to get from him;
how much money you can spend on it;
what investments should return;
what human resources do you need for this ...
While no system - no marketing .

Remember, first is the goal of the company. Then - the correlation of digital marketing and project goals. Next is the client’s path. And only then - advertising. And after that, more analytics, improvements, changes and testing. And one more time, and one more time. Now, calculate how much money you lost on marketing and agencies, but you still don’t understand which channel works for your business. Sometimes, affiliate types are also used to enchance businesses. The most common its example is the coupons which is broadly used for getting sales.

In the framework of the digital entrepreneurship club SYNDICATE, Oles Timofeev talked about who to choose: an inhouse marketer or an outsourced agency. Where to start, with whom to work, how to control how digital marketing should look in general and why it is so important for an entrepreneur to know all this - read in this article.

What is the problem: why digital marketing does not work
Let's decide what the key task of the internet marketer and agency is .

→ Get into the goals of the company.

Remember what goals you set for your marketer or contractor. How clear were they? Did they match your financial capabilities and human resources? The goals were based on math or were abstract: launch ads on social networks, write articles on a blog?

Was there a goal?

The task of the marketer is not just to launch advertising in the right areas, but to build the customer’s path - the process that the user follows until he buys the product. In this case, the specialist should know how much money he can spend on advertising and what kind of return on investment you need to get.


To set the correct budget for advertising and ROMI (return on advertising investments), you should correctly consider the mathematics of a business: understand its margin, know how much you really earn before and after paying taxes.

Taps can be different: SMM, email subscription, messenger, YouTube channel. The client path can consist of 100 touches. This morning, a person looked at the information on social networks from a phone, in the evening - a YouTube video, went again from a phone, then - from a laptop, then - found a store location in Google Maps, a week later found your product in an online store, studied and went to buy already offline point.

Such a marketing spiral can be as confusing as possible or, conversely, very simple. The main thing is that the touches should be different.

When you deploy full internet marketing, you understand:

where do users come from and how do they interact with it;
how they convert and at what stage;
which encourages them to convert.
Perhaps users saw your video on Instagram and wanted to buy a product. This was at the right time, at the right time, on a specific day and thanks to the competent creation of the request.