When Stainless Steel Faucets is used for a long time, you will find that the water pipe often shakes suddenly when the water is turned off, and then makes a "beep" sound. It felt like someone was hitting a building with a hammer. In fact, this happens due to water hammer, which is a very common problem.

Why does water faucet appear water hammer? The following AFAStainless Steel Faucets manufacturers have analyzed it:

In fact, the so-called water hammer phenomenon is mainly when we suddenly close the faucet or valve in life, due to inertia, the water in the water pipe will continue to flow forward rapidly. This can easily cause a sudden increase in pressure in the water pipe and a sound can be heard. It's like hitting with a hammer. In addition, if the water pipes in the home are not installed correctly, the water hammer may become loose or even fall.

In addition to the above reasons, water hammer may also occur because there is air in the water pipe in the home, and the sudden pressure drop causes the air and water in the water pipe to squeeze each other. Therefore, when only water pipes are installed in a house, the air must be exhausted before the water supply is stopped.

As for the impact of this water hammer on water pipes, it is naturally very large. It does not disappear automatically, and the greater the danger, the longer the damage will not only damage the valves and fixed parts, but also water pipes. Burst phenomenon.

In order to solve the water hammer phenomenon, it is best to design some buffer measures and equipment during the early installation of the water pipe, such as a water hammer eliminator, which can eliminate the shock wave in the water pipe and play a good role. Protective effects. If the water pipe is detached, find a new one and repair it. In addition, find a sponge or an old towel to wrap the water pipe, which can also solve the water hammer phenomenon.

Finally, it is recommended to pay attention when using the faucet, to extend the opening and closing time of the valve as much as possible, and not to close it too soon after using the faucet, this can reduce the damage to the faucet and extend its service life!

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