They are greeted by a picture of Bryant with the dates of his lifetime recorded below his 24, as NBA 2K20 MT players start the sport name.

"He has been an inspiration on and off the court all, and also a respected partner to 2K for many decades. We are inspired and heartened by the ways the 2K player community are rallying together and honoring Kobe -- such as parades, custom jerseys, intentional 24 second shot clock violations, and committed streams."

NBA 2K20's official Twitter accounts additionally honored Bryant having a tweet on Sunday stating,"RIP into a Legend. Thank you on and off the court. You are missed. "The NBA 2K series highlights a star (or many stars) in the league on its pay each year. Bryant was the cover star of NBA 2K10 and a playable character in the yearly launch throughout his profession.

Gianna, his 13-year-old daughter and bryant, were aboard his helicopter when it crashed about 30 kilometers west of downtown Los Angeles on Sunday, and nine other people who perished in the crash.

Bryant was respected by several such as a tribute from performer Lizzo and Grammys host Alicia Keys in Sunday's awards show at Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles, the home of the Los Angeles Lakers.Kawhi Leonard shot out the lights at the NBA All-Star Game of Sunday night from three-point range in Chicago, and he will be the recipient of a killer new card in NBA 2K20's MyTeam mode.

As has been the case since NBA 2K's MyTeam style hit its stride, the winner of this All-Star Game MVP gets a card in the mode. Leonard's card will be published on Monday, and it's going to be available as part of an All-Star Moments Pack. The packs will be accessible to catch using Virtual Money to buy mt coins or MyTeam points. As of Sunday night, the price wasn't set, but it might be similar. Anticipate the Leonard card to be coveted and expensive on the Auction House. I'd figure as high as 400,000 MT during the first two weeks of availability.