The problem with those spells, as they are, Kamas Dofus Retro is most of all they are to utilize with recasting. The other difficulty is that the value of the bonus, which adapts poorly at low and medium levels, allowing Sacriers to have a quite high burst capacity right from the start of a struggle, but without having (yet) suffered great harm or being particularly at risk. The temporary Vitality penalty is often more of a bonus than a penalty because it increases Suffering and is quite feeble when Sacriers have very little health, which doesn't actually make them any more vulnerable...

So we have altered how they work to more closely resemble how they worked. The higher the caster's Suffering is, the lower this damage is, although they now inflict direct damage on the caster every time they are used. So it is no longer feasible to temporarily lessen your Vitality nor boost those spells' base damage. Damage to targets been improved, which makes these spells dangerous to the caster and their opponents. Actually, using them without having been injured beforehand is worth it, but quickly becomes when the Sacrier is banged up, which can be more in line with the course's concept.

And with just Erosion, of course, a Sacrier can nevertheless comprise the damage they inflicted using Health Steal, but it'll immediately be riskier to use it. With the bonus that was Suffering curve having been altered in a previous iteration, and the spell Retribution suffered, these spells can be used though eroded -- but that this involves!

We believe the Iop is a class that's generally well balanced, strong in both PvP and PvM, in the multiDofus player and solo, which explains why we categorized it as"non-priority" in the previous period of balancing. Still, though alterations have been made in this regard, we have been Cheap Dofus Kamas focusing on balancing the paths, coordinating acquisition amounts and the spell variations . Because it's important to structure the courses so afterwards, you've seen these sorts of modifications to courses recently.