Lighting has given a new definition of space and architecture. Its forms are ever-changing. LED pattern lights are one of the commonly used methods. It makes the building space more plastic and brings people beautiful visual enjoyment.

LED pattern light, introduced by Chinese LED craft light manufacturer. As the name suggests, the pattern light uses the projection pattern as its main function. It requires a clear outline, and the light spot can be linearly enlarged and reduced. There are also specific requirements for pattern style, color rendering index, lumens, and luminous flux. The currently produced pattern lights have many functions that can be applied to various occasions, but no matter what their specific functions are, they have one main feature: they have the common features of focusing, zooming, and these two lenses (with (Three lenses will be installed), which is used to adjust the size and size of the light spot. At present, there is an auto focus function. Another feature is that the front lens is a convex lens, which is the principle of magnifying glass imaging, which is the same as the camera.


 The led pattern light is a lighting product that uses the advantages of soft body such as Li Cai, uniform and transparent light effect, high brightness, and pure color. With the decoration of star string lights and other materials, the designer has carefully designed and matched the lighting products. , Its beautiful shape, unique light effect, multiple series to choose from, led pattern light manufacturers can create according to customer requirements and local themes, widely used in shopping malls, entertainment venues and other environmental decoration, creating a unique lighting atmosphere, people stay connected Forget to return, I was impressed.



 LED pattern lights are the result of the development of modern commercial lighting.The significance of its performance is no longer the traditional advertising effect. Simple outdoor advertising luminous characters to guide customers to identify the location of the mall, but more to present people with art works, outdoor Lighting engineering lighting is different from the building lighting engineering. It is no longer simply to outline the outline of the mall, but more to consider commercial advertising operations and overall artistic effects, such as the position of advertising luminous characters, the combination of lighting and lighting, and The design of the point light source, etc., and the corresponding advertising space is reserved as much as possible for the business to rent, which is very different from the LED lighting of the building.


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