All processes implemented Implementing an occupational Health and Safety Management System using the ISO 45001 Certification in Bangalore and you are interested to considering having your OHSMS   certified when implementation is done .and you may curious what needs to be done to successfully prepare for the certification auditor after the OHSMS is implemented. In fact, it is helpful to be clear what certification is to begin with.

Difference between implementation and certification

The implementation is the process of creating all of the rules, processes, policies and procedures and the requirements ISO 45001 Certification in Chandigarh and to satisfy the needs of your organization.

Certification is different from implementation to have a third-party ISO 45001 Certification in Madurai certification body conduct on audit and conform that the organization has successfully implemented the requirements standards. There are so many good reasons to have a third-party auditor including the benefit of having the outside your organization and identifying ways to improve.

Expectation for certification

  1. Implementing the all process: All processes are not documented, that you will need to ensure the all processes within the OHSMS are in place so that it expected that you have to established each process as set the process rules, implementing the each process and are maintaining the each process and making sure that when rules change the people and new people are informed of the rules. It is not acceptable to have incomplete processes.
  2. OHSMS settled: In order to audit you need to have records to demonstrate how the process will work. so that the certification auditors will want to use your OHSMS for a period of time to collect the necessary information of the records. This time period is different for each certification body, but every organization ranges from a minimum of 4 months to 8 months with some as long as 12 months.
  3. All processes implemented: The internal audit is the main key process to evaluate your OHSMS performance. The certification auditors they expect that everyone has to done this internal audit review for your own processes before doing there audits.
  4. Management review completed: Management review is one of the important process for OHSMS evaluation . To verify the OHSMS you have  to perform the management review atleast one time. Corrective actions taken: You will have found nonconformities in the processes during this time through internal audits, and the management reviews and process monitoring. When these nonconformities are found, it expected that you will have taken corrective actions to remove the nonconformity and prevent it from happening again.
  5. Improvements demonstrated: Corrective actions are one method of improvement, but you should also be able to demonstrate progress on your OHSMS objectives and other ways of addressing opportunities for improvement in your OH&S processes.


Preparation is the key to certification success

If you are not properly prepared you have to face the problems so that activities you need to do before certification because they ensure that your OH&SMS is working are not before you bring out to verify your implementation. While these process take some time, it will help you to catch some problems so that you could prevent from the passing  certification  audit and delay final certification.


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