Each player needs to select a team they wish Madden 20 coins to signify, beat out thousands of other rivals for the chance to represent that team on the huge stage, and then beat out the agents of the 31 other groups in a bid for the trophy. They have to fit everyone in within a salary cap, although players can build their teams with almost any NFL player they need. Different players have different approaches to how they build defense and their offense.

"When I played cap was $950,000, and it is rising to $1,325,000, so it was tougher to get a fantastic offense and defense," Volterax tells me. "But I piled my defense and proceeded with the cheapest [recipients ] and [quarterback] and piled my blockers and operating back. I felt as though I had the best running game and defense going into the tournament, and that worked out."

Much like the 49ers, Volterax's secret to winning was his running back, Chris Johnson, and his support staff of blockers that opened up running lanes. His plan didn't only work out. It excelled, and he came out on top of 75,000 additional Madden players that took a shot at the Club Championship. He place cleats on the turf in hopes that legendary Titans and Cardinals running back Johnson will break a tackle and take it into the house on almost every play.

"The pursuit angles defenders take on defense to buy Mut 20 coins is a massive part of why the run is so successful," Madden player Kyle"tug" Riederer tells me. "Tackling is still fairly poor although it's enhanced with stains. Runners will also be rewarded for having run stick/vision that was bad. Frequently people will run directly into the offensive line with no penalty and break it for a huge gain because defensive players dumb out and will not tackle."