The following Silent Chain manufacturers share the maintenance precautions of the chain:

Before the car with a rear dial hits the chain, the chain is moved to the small wheel to small wheel state, so that the chain is relatively loose, easy to operate, and it is not easy to "bounce" after being cut off.

After cleaning and refueling the chain, slowly reverse the chainring, and the chain links coming out of the rear dial should be able to be straightened. If some chain links still maintain a certain angle, it means that it does not move smoothly and belongs to a knot. Adjustment. Damaged chain links must be replaced in a timely manner. It is recommended that the maintenance chain strictly distinguish three types of pins and use connecting pins.

Pay attention to the straightness when using the chain beater, so it is not easy to skew the thimble. Careful use of tools can both protect the tools and achieve good results. Otherwise, the tools will be easily damaged, and the damaged tools will more easily damage the parts.

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