Although "World of Warcraft" has not changed the game engine for more than a decade, it still has a lot of upgrades in graphics technology. From the texture accuracy to the number of polygon faces and the light and shadow effect particle effects have greatly evolved. It must be very backward compared to today. First of all, the game screen is a threshold. Whether players who are used to various high-quality games can accept such game screens is a question. In addition, the task system without prompts is also incomplete. Doing tasks a long time ago wouldn't be as functional as current games. The player is marked with information such as the location of the mission target. The player does the task by reading the mission text to obtain the information, and then finds the correct place for the mission by himself. Only after completing the task correctly can you obtain a large amount of Classic WOW Gold to help you upgrade.



Of course, most of the tasks are still easy to do, but there are also many tasks that require a lot of brainpower. Some tasks can't find the right place even after two hours without looking at the strategy. And some missions still cross the map, even across the continent. World of Warcraft gold that I spent a lot of experience and time to complete the mission before, but now the situation has changed madly, all the gold I need can be bought on MMOWTS It is because of the help of MMOWTS that I have saved a lot of time and energy. My mind is only used for upgrading. At the same time, World of Warcraft Classic Gold here is very cheap. Welcome players like me to buy it.