What are the reasons and solutions for spray bottles not spraying?

In the process of using spray bottles, people will inevitably encounter some unexpected situations. One of the most common situations is that the spray bottle does not spray mist. So, what causes the spray bottle to be difficult to spray normally? How can we solve the problem that the spray bottle does not spray? Specific are:

Cause one: The nozzle of the spray bottle is blocked.

The key channel for spray bottle to spray mist is the spray bottle nozzle. Moreover, the nozzle of the spray bottle is composed of multiple small holes. If the liquid in the spray bottle contains a certain amount of solid particles, these solid particles will inevitably become blocked during the spraying process of the spray bottle. At the spray bottle nozzle. This directly caused the phenomenon that the spray bottle could not spray.

Solution one: Open the spray bottle, and clean the nozzle of the spray bottle, so that the small holes in the nozzle of the spray bottle are restored again.

Cause two: There was a problem with the tightness of the spray bottle, which caused the pressure in the bottle to not meet the spray requirements.

The reason why spray bottles can be sprayed is because a high-pressure system is formed in the spray bottle. The higher pressure in the bottle causes the liquid in the bottle to be sprayed out in a mist form. The key to ensuring a high-pressure system inside the spray bottle is the tightness of the spray bottle. If there is a problem with the tightness of the spray bottle, the pressure inside the bottle will be the same as the outside world, and the phenomenon of spray failure will occur.

Solution two: Open the spray bottle, check the bottle body and gasket of the spray bottle, and replace the damaged device. Under normal circumstances, the cause of the tightness of the spray bottle is that the gasket is damaged, and the bottle body will not be damaged.


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