When you pick up a self-supporting TPE sex doll, there is a bolt as a fulcrum on the sole. If you are worried about scars on the floor or the color of the carpet, put it under the packing material feet that were in the packing case at the time of pick-up, a silicone inner sole, a mat laid on the soles, white vinyl slippers Independent storage is smooth if you have prepared.

With sex doll styles on the adult market, sex dolls have reached an incredible level of reality. Men and women have had bad experiences in their sex lives, so they really want to have more sex, so they turn to realistic dolls. Most partners often cheat according to their sexual needs. In this case, the partner usually asks another person to respond to their sexual needs.

To solve this problem, purchasing a real sex doll can prevent the doll's infidelity, providing the necessary stimulation and excitement. Technological advances have made it very easy to find toys for adults to satisfy the sexual desires of men and women. Among a wide range of products available on the market, the love doll appears to be the most popular option for creating immense pleasure. These products are readily available online and offer many exciting features that make them so demanding in the market.

As a countermeasure against bleeding on the wall surface, we recommend that you put the packing material and low-resilience cushion that were in the packing case when picking up at the buttocks. Please note that if your independence is unstable, the real sex doll may fall over and be damaged or cause injury. Not recommended for self-supporting because there is a risk of tearing. Just decide what you need according to your wishes and your budget and you will receive the doll of your choice shortly.