The development of hydraulic pumps has developed in the direction of high pressure and high speed, and at the same time, higher requirements have been imposed on the leakage of hydraulic pumps. There are two main forms to prevent the leakage of hydraulic oil: static seal and dynamic seal. They are used to block or reduce the leakage of hydraulic oil in the cavity of the hydraulic pump to the outside of the pump cavity, and at the same time to prevent external dust and foreign objects from entering the pump cavity.

Generally speaking, the static seal of the hydraulic pump may reach the ideal situation of zero leakage after legal planning. However, due to any relative displacement of the contact surface of the dynamic seal, it will create conditions for leakage on the joint surface, so it is difficult. Achieve zero leakage. The external leakage of the hydraulic pump is an important purpose. Conventionally, the static seal is not allowed to leak, and the dynamic seal is given the purpose of leakage per unit time. As a form of dynamic seal, mechanical seal has the following advantages: low leakage, low material consumption, reliable use; low friction power consumption; long service life; wide range of use, suitable for low speed, high speed, high temperature, high temperature and high pressure conditions .

Due to the high rotation speed of the input shaft of the high-speed hydraulic pump and the limitation of the shaft diameter due to the request for the strength of the transmitted torque, it may not be very small, which makes the line speed very high, coupled with the high sealing pressure and high working temperature, the rotary oil seal is no longer grammatic. Continuously plead for satisfaction, and mechanical sealing is a good solution. Sealing device constructed by relative rotation. This isolates the external working fluid of the hydraulic pump from the external end. When the hydraulic pump is working, the moving ring rotates with the shaft, and the fixed ring is firmly in the end cover. After the friction between the mating surfaces of the moving stationary ring, the sealing end face is completed to complete the dynamic sealing.

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