Custom Iron-On Patches and also Leather Don't Mix!
So you have your great leather jacket, and you want to personalize it with some terrific-looking custom patches. You don't wish to bother with sewing, or you do not have a device that can take care of sewing leather. No worry, you'll simply get custom iron-on patches and also be good to go, right?


The mix of iron-on patches and also natural leather is not a satisfied marital relationship.custom embroidered patches At ideal, the patch will not adhere. At worst, you'll damage or perhaps also wreck a great leather coat.

Why Custom Iron-On Patches and Leather Don't Mix
As the tune states, some like it hot. Natural leather doesn't. The iron temperature level required to thaw the adhesive utilized on custom iron-on patches is simply too expensive. If that weren't sufficient, the leather is too unsafe for the adhesive, which isn't created for the surface area. At ideal, your patch won't follow the jacket. At worst, you'll swelter or burn the leather, as well as potentially have to deal with blobs of partly melted glue.

OK, if leather's out, why not simply select artificial natural leather? Obtain the appearance, and the patch, with less hassle?

Unfortunately, that's not an iron-on option either. Fake natural leather is prone to melting under that high temperatures required to glue on a patch. And also if you're thinking about a nylon coat rather, fail to remember that also. Same point. You do not want to need to manage both a destroyed garment and also a (literal) hot mess of an iron at the same time.

A Stitch In Time ...
If you're dedicated to adding patches to leather-- either synthetic or real-- or nylon, the only secure option is the typical combination of needle as well as thread. Custom iron-on patches just aren't implied for these materials.

Don't be daunted by the idea of sewing a patch onto a coat. It's simple. If you truly do not intend to do it on your own, it's simple to discover a regional tailor store that can do it for you for simply a little charge. It's beneficial to get your patches connected properly to your garment and also looking excellent!