As a high-quality medical mould manufacturer in China, we pay close attention to medical moulds for disposable medical devices and medical test supplies. We have successfully made medical moulds such as syringe moulds, safety needle moulds, oxygen mask moulds, needle-free injection nozzles, and dilatation moulds for our customers. The wide variety of diagnostic products is inherently indestructible, so they have been widely used in medical consumables and laboratory supplies.

Because product inspection standards are very strict, medical products have high requirements for moulds. We need to ensure high-precision processing, and we know the uses of these items.

First, the mould steel material should have a higher hardness. Generally, NAK80 / S136 steel is widely used in medical disposables. The steel has a small degree of thermal deformation and excellent discharge performance.

Secondly, the control of machining accuracy is particularly important. When selecting processing equipment, we selected imported high-speed lathes and tried to use equipment that has not been used for 5 years, because the actual processing accuracy of the equipment that has been outdated has deviated, which will directly affect the moulding of the mould. product. To use a copper electrode that is not prone to wear, you need to carve it in place after high-speed engraving on the mould, and then hit it with a mirror surface spark.

Third, the waterway layout of the mould design must be dense and reasonable, especially the key cooling parts. We regulate temperature with very strategic cooling line layout and coverage. On larger, more critical projects, it takes more time to perform thermal analysis to optimize the cooling line

The process of manufacturing plastic medical moulds:


Check drawings or samples, then do 3D product design and mould design, then send to the customer for confirmation (if it is a complex mould, we will conduct mould flow to simplify the manufacturing process)

Cutting die steel and checking

CNC roughing on cavities, cores, inserts, sliders, etc.

Gun drills for heating or cooling systems

Heat treatment

Finishing on cavities, cores, inserts, sliders, etc.

Wire cutting


Recheck the machine's working condition

Polishing the mould surface

mould assembly

Test the mould and send the sample to the customer via video for inspection

If the sample needs to be modified, we will reprocess the mould and retest until a satisfactory product is made.

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